Bull’s Horn – South Minneapolis

Bull’s Horn in South Minneapolis brings an old haunt to new places.

THE VERDICT: 77.5/100

Texture: 7/10 Flavor: 6/10
Meat Quality: 8/10 Value: 9/10
Experience: 8.75/10 Total: 38.75/50 possible points

This score represents an average of all tasters’ scores.


From the ashes of a South Minneapolis dive, Bull’s Horn came onto the scene in 2017 as owners Doug Flicker and Amy Greeley maintained their predecessor’s wood-panel-centric aesthetic but brought in a big, bold menu and updated the tap list to the benefit of the whole neighborhood.

A classic checkerboard basket of hot wings came quickly. Noticed upon inspection and confirmed with our first few bites: These wings are dredged (lightly breaded).

We at tcbuff.club view dredging as a double-edged wing-sword. Why? The first few bites are great. Crackling through the outer layer of a freshly fried dredged wing is unlike anything else. But every passing second after that first bite, steam from the cooling wings is infiltrating the outer barrier and bringing sogginess. And by the end of this basket, some sog had come to roost, even if the meat was perfectly cooked and delicious.

The buffalo sauce was a deviation from classic buffalo – a bit overly sweet, but with a decent (if modest) heat. We liked it but wanted some more tang to balance the sweetness. Thankfully, that tang came through in the world-class blue cheese. If only they served some side veggies so we could’ve kept eating it once our wings ran out.

Honorable mentions to the fantastic Bull’s Run Burger and Nachos (see them in photo gallery below).


Price: $6 for 8 wings
Website: https://www.bullshornfoodanddrink.com/
Address: 4563 S 34th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406


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