A basket of wings at Buster's on 28th in south Minneapolis

Buster’s on 28th – South Minneapolis

One of those humble neighborhood spots with some of those crispy hot wings.



In 2013, a power outage turned into a fire, and Buster’s on 28th had to close for a full year. It’s the kind of incident that can bury a small neighborhood spot like Buster’s. Thankfully, the neighborhood looks after its own: Scroll back to the dark period of Buster’s Facebook page and you’ll see encouraging posts like “Please open soon,” “Shut up and take my money,” and – once the reopening was announced for July 2014 – “Will there be Buster’s wings available?! :)”

Needless to say, Buster’s is beloved, and for good reasons: it’s got a solid menu, a great tap list, and reliably good service. Buster’s isn’t trendy and doesn’t need to be. Buster’s wings follow suit. They’re straightforward, delicious wings that don’t try too hard to innovate, instead going with plan A: Crispy, fresh, high quality chicken covered in straightforward, if conservative, buffalo flavor.

Now, if you love a drenched wing with a loud, bombastic sauce, head elsewhere. The buffalo sauce is light – like nearly dry-rub-light – but it’s tasty. And when its only job is to add classic buffalo flavor to some fresh, perfectly fried wings, it doesn’t need to be more.




Texture: 7.5/10
Flavor: 7/10
Meat Quality: 7.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Experience: 8/10
Total: 37.5/50 possible points




  • Texture: 9
  • Flavor: 8
  • Meat Quality: 8
  • Value: 8
  • Experience: 8
Notes: Fantastic wings, though I did crave a bit more of the buffalo flavor. That said, texture was A+. Shout out to a great tap list.


Esther - TCBC


  • Texture: 6
  • Flavor: 6
  • Meat Quality: 7
  • Value: 7
  • Experience: 8.5
Notes: Call me a sauce dog is you must, but my biggest issue with these wings was that they weren’t dripping in that bright red deliciousness that we all love. Say it with me: “More SAUCE! More SAUCE! MORE SAUCE!”


Price: $11 for about 12 wings
Website: http://busterson28th.com
Address: 4204 S 28th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406


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