Serum’s Good Time Emporium – Anoka

Serum’s doesn’t disappoint, but is a high variety of flavors enough?


Texture: 7/10 Flavor: 7.5/10
Meat Quality: 8/10 Value: 7/10
Experience: 8/10 Total: 37.5/50 possible points

This score represents an average of all tasters’ scores.


Ever since we launched this humble wing blog, people have been mentioning Serums. And, well folks, it was great to finally be able to take that advice.

While we stick to good ol’ buffalo for our ratings, we opted for Serum’s 5-flavor platter of 25 wings in order to get a good sampling of the veritable catalog of flavors that people mention when they say “You have got to go to Serums”.

Taster Blake sums it up well in his personal review:

Serum’s is the perfect place to grab a “whole-mess-o-wings.” Standard buffalo takes a back seat to oddly named flavors like ‘China Syndrome’ and ‘Ranchilada.’ While it may not be the star, I did like the flavor of the ‘hot’ (buffalo), it had the right amount of spice and a nice glossy finish.

While some tasters found the salt level across all flavors to be too high, others relished in its blood pressure–raising goodness. Though all wished for a crispier wing and a bit more buff sauce—perhaps that increase would also increase the Scovilles, too.

The service was fantstic, the wings came quick, and in all we have no major complaints. If you’re in the area, head over the Serum’s and let us know what you think!


Alex: More crisp. Less salt.

Andrew: If I lived near here, I’d know the servers by name.

Blake: If and when I go back I’ll ask for extra crispy wings with extra sauce, no matter the cost!

Michael: The wings came out with a decent crisp, but by the end they were a soggy wad of skin. Loved how salty they were, especially the Spicy Szechuan.


Price: $27.75 for 25 wings
Address: 213 Jackson Street, Anoka, MN 55303


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