The classic CC Club facade.

The CC Club – Uptown

Sometimes you come across wings that remind you why you started a wing blog (and it’s not because they’re so good)…



As we hurried into the CC Club, glad to get out of the chilly evening, we felt confident that good things were to come our way. Steaming, deep fried, saucy things. After all, chicken wings are the quintessential bar food and the CC Club is a classic Minneapolis dive bar – white Christmas lights festooning the walls, old school beer signs snuggling up next to chilling dispensers of Jägermeister, and bespectacled beards draining bottles of Grain Belt. The neighboring French Meadow purchased CC Club in 2013 to the chagrin of only the most diehard fans, but changes were minimal and business seemed to remain steady. The Heavy Table wrote a mostly positive review of the revised menu in 2014, and looking it over we felt like all signs pointed to tasty.

Sadly, we were wrong. Heavy breading surrounded a very low-quality meat-like mass – the kind you wonder about – and the entire package was almost sauceless. These wings reminded us of those dubious freezer-section wings we’ve all reached for in desperate times. Memorable quotes from the visit included “What the fuck?” and “These are like bad chicken tenders if bad chicken tenders had bones.” See the photo gallery below for the various (mis-)shapes and sizes of these Frankenwings.

Oddly shaped wing at CC Club
What is this? A drummy with a fin?

They were served with a styrofoam cup intended to be used as a bone garbage. We appreciated it as a place to quickly hide the numerous floppy bits (skin? breading? old chunks of potatoes from the fryer?) clinging to our bones. We also liked the blue cheese dressing and surprisingly fresh carrots and celery. However, we can all agree that dressing and celery can’t save a bad batch of wings.

There you have it, wing lovers. We did the hard work so none of you good people must suffer the ordeal of ordering wings at the CC Club and receiving a sad basket of disappointment. Stick to the PBR. Maybe even try a burger. And to the CC Club (slash French Meadow) food purchaser: Please let us know if you decide to order actual chicken wings for your menu. We’d happily come back and try them.



Texture: 4/10
Flavor: 4.5/10
Meat Quality: 3/10
Value: 3/10
Experience: 6/10
Total: 20.5/50 possible points




  • Texture: 4
  • Flavor: 4
  • Meat Quality: 2
  • Value: 3
  • Experience: 6
  • Presentation (Pass/Fail): Pass
Notes: The breading aside, these wings were mostly made up of a fatty, sponge-like material. I’m the one who exclaimed “What the fuck?” and I stand by it.

Esther - TCBC


  • Texture: 4
  • Flavor: 5
  • Meat Quality: 4
  • Value: 3
  • Experience: 6
  • Presentation (Pass/Fail): Pass
Notes: These are not chicken wings. These are like weird, off-brand chicken tenders with bones. I feel sad and confused.


Price: $11 for ~10, $5.50 during happy hour
Address: 2600 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408



  1. I had one of the worst restaurant meals of my life there. Corned beef hash for brunch. They were out of potatoes/American fries so they fried the heck out of some stringy corned beef and threw it on top of tater tots in a plastic basket. Waitress put it down and acted like nothing was wrong. It was an amazing time of friends and people watching but I really felt ripped off.


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