Buffalo wing at The Depot in Minneapolis

The Depot Tavern – Downtown Minneapolis

We face our Minnesotan nature in trying to write about the wings at The Depot Tavern before a local show at First Ave…



There are too many delicious, boozy, fried reasons to stay close to home for us to get downtown much, especially in winter. On this particular night, though, free tickets to see Rich Mattson and the Northstars opening a show at First Avenue were enough to get us into the cold. Of course, many-a-show at First Avenue starts with beers at The Depot, so we slipped into a booth with some friends and – surprise! – ordered some wings as well.

Now, if I were a true Minnesotan, I would end here by saying, “You know what? The server was really nice!” I might even add some passive aggression with, “The food was fine. It was just fine. A little different, maybe, but fine.” But no, wing lovers. TCBC is bound to tell the truth, even when it means writing a decidedly un-Minnesotan account of a very Minnesotan evening. We mean it when we say we’re looking for the best buffalo wings in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The beer was cold and tasty, the music was loud and beautiful, and the wings were…just bad: Besides being flabby and severely lacking in crispiness, our batch included more than one franken-wing (see pictures) causing us to question the quality of the meat. We were further disappointed by celery that was soft and pale-white. As a final affront to our senses, the blue cheese tasted fermented, which is not a flavor that we fully understand.

Who knows. Maybe we experienced an off-night for the cooks, but we really expected more from the bar connected to our fair city’s institution of rock and roll. We sincerely hope this review won’t deter people from getting a drink at The Depot before a show.

Go see some Minnesota musicians at First Ave! Drink a local beer while you’re there! Ride to the show on your fat bike in the snow! Just, maybe, don’t order the wings. Or, you know, you totally can, if that’s really what you want. It’ll be fine.



Texture: 4/10
Flavor: 4.5/10
Meat Quality: 3/10
Value: 3.5/10
Experience: 4.5/10
Total: 19.5/50 possible points




  • Texture: 4
  • Flavor: 5
  • Meat Quality: 4
  • Value: 4
  • Experience: 4
  • Presentation (Pass/Fail): Pass
Notes: Thankfully, Rich Mattson and band slayed.

Esther - TCBC


  • Texture: 4
  • Flavor: 4
  • Meat Quality: 2.5
  • Value: 3
  • Experience: 5
  • Presentation (Pass/Fail): Pass
Notes: These wings were so unsatisfying, I almost couldn’t finish the last one. Since I’m basically a human garbage disposal, the food has to be pretty bad for me to leave it on my plate.


Price: $9.50 for 1 lb.
Website: https://www.thedepottavern.com
Address: 17 North 7th St., Minneapolis, MN 55403


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