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We check out the Seward institution on 65-cent wing night. We love good deals, but how were the wings?



Tracy’s Saloon has been a Seward institution since it opened in 1979, originally named Dick Tracy’s after the yellow-coated detective. The Franklin Avenue standby has has long been a go-to wing spot for many in our circle of friends and on the top of many of our lists for wings so we knew, with up and running, it was only a matter of time until they got a closer look.

Tuesday nights at Tracy’s are 65-cent wing night. Yes, some of you may remember 50-cent wing night (or even quarter wing night), but 65 cents is still a heck of a deal for a good wing. I mean, have you seen tuition lately? Let’s keep moving.

Our group discussed whether it was fair to judge Tracy’s on their wing night, since the kitchen dynamic would surely be different than usual, but we decided that offering wing night was no excuse for sub-par wings. They must’ve been moving quick in there because the wings came out in just a few minutes. The wings were hot and fresh but we felt disappointed that our order came without celery or carrots on the side. Is it wing-night policy or just a mixup? We missed our veggies.

Our first reactions were very positive. The chicken had a great texture. The skin was perfectly cooked (albeit a bit inconsistent wing-to-wing), and the sauce and bleu cheese were of high quality. As we continued to evaluate, we noticed the sauce was oily and thin compared to what we remembered from previous visits – a new recipe?

At a standard (non-wing-night) price of 10 wings for $11.00, they certainly seem fairly priced, but we miss the richness a more standard sauce (Franks Red Hot and butter) offers and were let down with the oil-based substitute. Blake was less bothered, saying “Hunger is the best sauce.” That said, these were fantastic wings and will remain squarely in the upper echelon.

Bonus: We also tried their Extra Hot, Barbecue, and Sweet Ginger-Chili varieties. All tasty and with more substantial sauces than the oily buffalo. Unfortunately, to maintain balance in the universe, the texture on these varieties suffered from the heavier sauces.



Texture: 8/10
Flavor: 8/10
Meat Quality: 9/10
Value: 8/10
Experience: 8/10
Total: 41/50 possible points


Alex - TCBC


  • Texture: 8
  • Flavor: 7
  • Meat Quality: 9
  • Value: 9
  • Experience: 7
  • Presentation (Pass/Fail): Pass
Notes: For some odd reason, the buffalo sauce separated and left a greasy pool of butter or oil that certainly wasn’t from the wings. What little sauce left that hadn’t separated was tasty, but overall the sauce was mediocre at best.



  • Texture: 7
  • Flavor: 8
  • Meat Quality: 8
  • Value: 7
  • Experience: 8
  • Presentation (Pass/Fail): Pass
Notes: I have been a fan of Tracy’s wings for years, but the sauce just didn’t seem right this time around. Also, I had some inconsistency in texture – some were perfect, others a bit soft.


  • Texture: 9
  • Flavor: 9
  • Meat Quality: 10
  • Value: 8
  • Experience: 9
  • Presentation (Pass/Fail): Pass
Notes: Juicy tender meat, crispy skin, flavorful sauce that seems homemade (granted it was too greasy this time), the best bleu cheese dressing in the city, and if you go there on Tuesday for Wing Night you’ll get these great wings at a very affordable price.


Price: $11.00 for 10 wings. $0.65 per wing on Tuesday nights.
Address: 2207 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55405


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