1. I’ll get this started. I love Blue Door! They’re super consistent, fresh, crispy, and they always come with fresh sides. Other honorable mentions: Tracy’s, Memory Lanes, and Spring Street Tavern.


  2. I believe you have to break wings into categories. The classic buffalo, the other sauce, the dry rub.

    Masu has GREAT wings, but those are not buffalo wings. The Nook has a killer dry rub.

    Runyon’s has the best up the middle, no curve balls buffalo wings.


    1. every time i’ve tried Runyon’s wings, which people claim are somehow THE BEST, they’ve been soggy and have a pretty generic buffalo sauce flavor to them. they’re not bad mind you, just decidedly average. i’ve had better wings at almost any place on campus at the U.


      1. Interesting! Runyon’s does top a lot of lists. Where do you like on the U campus?


        1. there is a place called ‘Deep Fried Goodness’ that lives up to it’s name… Sally’s wings are pretty solid too.


          1. Ohhh, I’ve seen that place and wondered. University Ave?

  3. DAN KRZYKOWSKI – But its a Buffalo style website so there is really only one category

    I’m new-ish to the twin cities, my standouts thus far are: Runyons, Red Cow, and Northbound (smoked so slightly different)


    1. I visited their old location, but they’re due for another visit! It was amazing last time.


  4. Did the citipages list of wings over the course of a couple months last year. Was a very big fan of spring street tavern in northeast, quality Buffalo style, cheap prices and their house made blue cheese is ridiculous.


    1. I have to say I was really surprised by Spring Street. Going to have to get them on the roster for a review ASAP.


  5. The smoke wings over at Smoke in the Pit are stellar, the best wings I’ve had. They’re not tiny, smothered in sauce wings like most places do, but you won’t be disappointed. Their fry wings ain’t bad either. They’re down at 37th and Chicago, and in my opinion Smoke in the Pit is the most underrated meat joint in the Twin Cities.


  6. Wow just found this site… You’re doing god’s work. My votes:

    Monte Carlo: flat out the best wing in the cities… Little cinnamon maybe Chinese 5 spice? wow

    Northbound: Most complex wing.. The dry rub are BY FAR the best, the buffalo style doesn’t go well with the smoke

    Sweeney’s Saloon: Best Buffalo… Full wing, huge basket, super crispy.


  7. Tracy’s extra hot will probably always be my favorite wings. I can’t imagine how they could be improved for me. I’m glad you guys did Tracy’s justice with your review, but I have some philosophical reflections about wings and wing reviewing that I need to get off my chest. I hope you don’t take my criticisms as hostile toward you or your project, but I think if you’re reviewing correctly you cannot help but conclude that Tracy’s XTRA HOT is likely the best wing you will find in the Twin Cities.


    (1) Buffalo wings are supposed to be spicy. They are supposed to hurt, but not so much that you have to stop because you are in pain. I did the BWW challenge where you eat their hottest stuff in a limited amount of time and any eating pleasure derived paled in comparison to the pain. (BWW just sucks balls by the way and I forbid my future children from going there but I wanted to do the challenge)
    This makes it hard to review wings in the Twin Cities because it’s the midwest and spice does not sell so you end up with Runyons being called the best by some folks. Now Runyon’s are fine wings but have minimal spice. Now I don’t begrudge these folks who like Runyon’s their pleasure, nor would I refuse a Runyon wing under any circumstances. but Runyon’s are not spicy wings-they are wings with some spice. Buffalo wings should hurt at least a bit. So that does away with most of the wings in the twin cities for being the best wing-they are GOOD but they can never be the BEST, UNLESS they are reaching a person’s pain threshold. To search for the best wing a person needs to get serious about their pain threshold and get right up to the line. It has to hurt so much that it hurts so good and releases those endorphins. WINGS ARE NOT COMFORT FOOD. If you want comfort have the rest of the food at the bar. The thing that makes wings unique is SPIIIIIIIICE

    (2) Buffalo wings are supposed to be salty and vinegary (NOT SWEET) . Sweet is about comfort which as I just demonsrated is not what wings are about. I would think I wouldn’t need to spend much time on this point, but some mfer is saying that chinese five spice or cinnamon or something can be involved. Those are sweet type flavors and have far too much nuance to have anything to do with a wing. It’s like people think that everything you eat should be subtle and multilayered. A WING IS NOT SUBTLE. I’ll just suffice to say that you can make a top notch wing without any fucking sugar in the sauce. All this goes for blue cheese dressing too-it should not taste sweet!

    (3) A Buffalo wing should be judged on the best wing put out-not on the consistency of their wings or any peripheral concerns.
    You guys on this website are mixing up restaurant reviews and wing reviews. Let’s say you went to the shittiest restaurant in the world where their consistency sucked and the side veggies were garbage and you had to bring your own dressing in your coat pocket and the wait staff put a booger in your beer. If on one night they made the best wing in the twin cities you would have to be on your honor and say that that was the best wing in the Twin Cities. I at least am not looking to you for restaurant advice. Attend to the wings and the rest will fall into place. Trust the wings guys. Now I am fully in the bag for Tracy’s but I have had some inconsistent experiences there. Some of the cooks know how to sauce it up and some don’t. You can indeed get veggies on most nights. I think their xtra spicy varies quite a bit where some nights it hits the threshold and some nights it doesn’t. For all of this though I am always happy to have gone to Tracy’s. Their wings are good enough to burn away the inconsistencies. Now about the separating sauce: I LOVE THAT THE SAUCE SEPARATES. We’re not buying a used car here guys. It doesn’t matter if things stay together. When I see that glistening oil I know my wing-spot is about to be stimulated. The separating sauce is a unique feature that adds to the Tracy’s experience and should be honored as such-even if some guy with a cooking PHD says sauces should stick together. ESPECIALLY IF SOMEONE SAYS THAT. Wings are common-person food. They are not gourmet and should never be.

    (4) I have more to say but I’m late for a funeral. SUffice it to say that Tracy’s XTRA HOT is spicy enough to hurt but it never puts me off. There’s a vinegar tang that you can’t find anywhere else. They are a fair price and as you correctly note cheaper but not as good on wing night. Tracy’s extra hot seem unique but without putting on airs. The meat is good with a good amount of drumsticks in there. Finally: the ambiance at Tracy’s adds to the eating experience (NOT TO SAY THAT THIS IS ESSENTIAL TO HAVING THE BEST WINGS BUT ITS A NICE BONUS). It’s a neighborhood bar owned by real people where a variety of folks congregate and the douchiness is at a minimum (for minneapolis that is). Also the wait staff is nice and consistent and the cooks are appropriately temperamental and cranky.

    Anyhoo: good website keep up the good work but don’t forget where you come from.


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